Lost Number [Project V.]

One Bullet. One Life. The Madness within finally reflected. A Fallen saint abiding the Sin of a child's birth. Come, Lost to this Crimson Chaos.
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"Hn. You never get bore, do you?"

Out of character:

  • Mun is a computer science graduate who serve an internship making texture for One Piece game.
  • Upon graduation, Mun went to work as 2D animator where one of her character design was mold into a life-size costume like those dwarf suit Disney workers wear. The colleague who has to wear it said that it is very hot, heavy and stink of thinner.
  • Mun had helped programming two PC games, of which is funded by the government section. She was in-charge of the AI, and that section was written using Lua script whereas other dabbles mainly in C++. She has sadly forgotten those languages now.
  • There was a period in her life she had shifted her attention to management and came to discover she hates it. She loves the creative and copy writing in advertising business however.
  • Owe to the nature of her current occupation, she’s going to see ‘The Hobbits’ with all her colleagues tomorrow.
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