Lost Number [Project V.]

One Bullet. One Life. The Madness within finally reflected. A Fallen saint abiding the Sin of a child's birth. Come, Lost to this Crimson Chaos.
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30 Uncommon Character Development Questions ( send me a number )


  1. What position does your character sleep in? ( i.e; stomach, side, back, etc. ) Describe why they do this — optional.
  2. Does your character have any noteworthy features? Freckles? Dimples? A scar somewhere unusual? etc.
  3. Does your character have an accent? What does it sound like?
  4. Do they have any verbal tics? Do they have trouble pronouncing certain words or getting their thoughts across clearly?
  5. What are their chief tension areas? 
  6. If you were to pick one song — and only one song — to describe your character, what would it be and why?
  7. How does your character perceive themselves? Positive? Negative? Neutral?
  8. Are they a quick thinker or do they need time to sort through their thoughts?
  9. Does your character dream or are their nights filled with an empty blackness? Describe a dream they’ve had or a night they couldn’t sleep and what they did to preoccupy their time.
  10. If they had a choice, would they prefer a subway or a bus for public transportation?
  11. What do they think of creation? Do they believe in evolution or do they believe in God? What is their religion like?
  12. Describe 5 unusual characteristics your muse has.
  13. Have they ever been so overwhelmed they had to stop and take a break from something? 
  14. Are they a team player or do they prefer to be solo?
  15. Can they multi-task or must they focus on one subject at a time?
  16. What are their best school subjects? What are their worst? List five of each.
  17. Is your character an introvert or an extrovert? How do they handle big crowds of people?
  18. Are they a leader, do they prefer to follow, or would they rather just stay on the sidelines altogether?
  19. If your character was suddenly challenged, would they rather run away or stay and fight?
  20. If your character was allowed to murder one person without any consequences, who would that person be and why?
  21. Your character has been granted 3 wishes; what would they wish for and why?
  22. Does your character trust people right off the bat or does it take them some time to warm up to someone?
  23. Do they prefer romance or affection? What is the quickest way to your character’s heart?
  24. Does your character have any enemies? If so, who and why?
  25. Do they have any weird bedroom habits? Any unusual kinks?
  26. How does your character prepare for bed? Do they sleep at all or can they stay awake for days on end without trouble?
  27. If your character had one thing to say to their parents before they died, what would it be?
  28. Are they afraid of death? Do they have any regrets?
  29. Does your character get restless when things are too quiet or do they favour solitude and silence? Why?
  30. Finally; if your character was forced to eat one thing for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?

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  Only recall now why he hates getting a shot,
  not mention two this time.

      It hurts like hell.


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From FF7×ポケモン by ハマチ

Individual pieces here.(I feel so ooold, I only recognize like half of these pokemon TwT)



From FF7×ポケモン by ハマチ

Individual pieces here.
(I feel so ooold, I only recognize like half of these pokemon TwT)

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A Valentine by any other name



  I may have claimed myself an atheist but Lord bless, never before have I felt such elations knowing whatever is about to happen here, it will be witnessed only by our eyes alone. A close-to-empty classroom always have that effects. Not giving him with any chance to react, I snatched the back of his head. My other makes for his wrist and with a twist, would see the lanky appendage press securely to his back upon which my knee swiftly follows. The same momentum that has carried me forward finds his chair jump back with a sharp screech and would soon find his form trapped by mine and his head pressed against the table with his own neck serving as a cage for his other arm.

      There, with my breathe warm on his cheek, I whisper.

  ”Not where we might need, kid,
   but you see, you can still write your statement as fine as you talk
  — maybe, all things considered, even better.”

  I tightened my grip.

  ”So how about we try this again, hm?”


he was fast. much faster than the redhead initially assumed—& that in & of itself, was saying a lot. reno himself was the fastest around, after all, & up until now, no one had ever managed to grab hold of him—at least not since he was a child, mucking up things down in the slimy, dirty districts before the system managed to grab hold of him by freak chance alone.

but this—this was something else. this guy, this fucker, was too close, far too close, too close, too close tooclosetooclose——

with a snarl so akin to an animal rather than a troubled teen, reno used that hard head of his to good use—& headbutted that damn bastard right in the nose. the opening was small, could even barely be called such a thing, but it was enough for him & he took it, shoving back against the taller male with all his weight, looping one leg around the other’s calf, throwing off his balance. he wasted no more time after, practically leaping away from vinny, holding onto his aching shoulder.


               ”Don’t. Touch. Me.”

  Of course,
  Vincent Valentine is   f a s t .

  When you find yourself   l a c k i n g   in
  strength and endurance,
  you make up with something else,

      — in Vincent Valentine’s case,
        his speed and uncontested aim.

      — the crime scene investigator turning a baby sitter accented each alphabet and vowel with just a little more force added with each pronounced consonance. Too focused on what I had wished to achieve and too unsuspecting that such an addled brain like his is actually capable of designing a move to get himself off — or was the move more instinctive with his snarl considered? — a low curse was to be found absconding roseate lips as I found myself forced back. While I have managed to evade having my nose cracked by just a hair-breadth, that particular decision has cost me a blow to my calf. The momentary loss of balance soon became a loss of my hold on him.

  Before my eyes, mirroring closely the velocity of my fall was the chair’s.
  It struck with a loud clang.

        Having let his momentum carried me,
        I twisted myself mid-fall.

      With both hands bracing the floor,
      each arm crossing over another,
      I let my weight roll athwart my shoulder,
      becoming a centre point for a quick spin that
      landed me back on both feet.

  Akin to a feline crouching on its feet and awaiting to make its leap, the stance greatly mirrored. I shifted forward, slowly drew myself up. Lazy motions only make to appear darker the ebulient shade beneath smartly cut sable bangs. “Or what, piglet?” I stood, my hand making a casual adjustment of my tie — part of the school uniform and not a single fuck can be done about the thing.

  ”— Are you going to scream oh-so prettily for me?”

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Shh… Guess who is holding a passport with UK VISA now? Me.


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Final Fantasy VII + Quotes

…Is that what you have been telling yourself, Kayi?


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outofcharacter: Art by Yoneko.


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 wouldn’t happen to be your way of saying
 ’Let’s fix this partnership’, wouldn’t it?”

      ”Because, you know,
       there’s always that stunning-legged shrink we can go down on,
       &   on the company time nonetheless.


   flap    &
    — crack there goes the filled cartridge
      b a c k   into the smoking hot gun.  

"I don’t know. You tell me."

    ”Do I need to hide something?”


                    Valentine. "

      A smolder, hotter than the end of the barrel, A look of, Tell me or I’ll be angrier than I already am. His wife couldn’t resist the smolder, his daughter cried at the sight. Sexy and Scary.

                    Don’t push it on me- You have to tell me what
                      ails you, It can ruin your performance, you were
                      the one who taught me that. What’s the origin of
                      your excuses?

  That look could have singe a hole through leather, leaving the familiar scent of blood, sweat and charred smoke in its leave. How many years now since I last saw that look?

      Ever since
      you have chosen
      to rid yourself to this God’s forsaken land,
      the mind reminded.

"We are doing fine here, Velly.”

  Less than fine,
    —you are banging (sort of) the boss’ wife.

    ”Why have you decided to come 
     and care to explain why suddenly
     I have a whole cavalry of firearms after our asses
     when me and my charges
     were practically off the chart before?”